Speaking of Ionic framework… An expert talks!

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Software development professionals were able to learn more about Ionic framework in the AngularJS community meetup organized by Hexacta.

Speaking of Ionic framework meetup Hexacta

On Wednesday December 3rd, Hexacta hosted the AngularJS community in its offices in Buenos Aires.

Matías Tucci, a university student from Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE), shared his wisdom on Ionic, a free and open source framework that offers a library of mobile-optimized HTML, CSS and JS components, gestures, and tools for building highly interactive apps. It is built with Sass and optimized for AngularJS.

AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript framework maintained by Google that assists with running single-page applications. Its goal is to augment browser-based applications with model–view–controller (MVC) capability, in an effort to make both development and testing easier. Ionic is a relatively new framework that quickly developed to a beta version, meant for creating native hybrid applications with great performance. The 1.0 version will soon be released.

The AngularJS community is supported and hosted by Hexacta since 2013. Hexacta’s project manager, Eric Delahaye organized the event, where 40 software development professionals actively participated in the lecture with their ideas and questions. During the lecture, Tucci showed how to create an app from scratch and try it out with a smartphone.

Hexacta strongly believes that the only way of creating knowledge is to share it, and through these open, free of charge classes, we intend to facilitate the connection between experts in a determined field and knowledge-thirsty professionals. The AngularJS community´s activities will resume next year.

To learn more about Ionic framework: http://goo.gl/JBeNef

Just for fun: this is how we set up for the meeting! http://goo.gl/wHzFw7

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