Start 2023 Off Strong by Reviewing Our Top Blog Posts of 2022

Start 2023 Off Strong by Reviewing Our Top Blog Posts of 2022

Kicking off 2023 and celebrating the year gone by, we invite you to revisit some of the stand-out blog posts we went through in 2022.

Start 2023 Off Strong by Reviewing Our Top Blog Posts of 2022

As we barrel into 2023, it is important to acknowledge that we’ve published a lot of articles in 2022, but a few posts seem to be exceptionally popular among our readers.

For that reason, we have gathered our top 12 most-read blog posts of the last year. Check them out!

1. 5 benefits of a strong organizational culture

A strong organizational culture has many benefits. This article will go about how this can help a company create a brand identity, define goals, and improve employee retention. Read more.

2. How to naturally integrate UX into your Agile process

Lots of questions come to light regarding how to integrate UX design with Agile. Learn here how to really take advantage of these methodologies, not only in development but also in the UX/UI field. Read more.

3. Machine Learning vs. Business Intelligence: which one does your business need?

What is Business Intelligence used for? And what is the difference with Machine Learning? Here we look at their meanings, key differences, among other things. Read more.

4. 7 effective ways to improve collaboration within your team

Workplace collaboration is vital for business success. Here are a few tips that can help your teams collaborate more seamlessly. Read more.

5. 4 reasons why an Agile company is the future

Companies are under increasing pressure to become more Agile in the present environment. Here we discuss four reasons why you should use these methodologies to thrive in a time of unprecedented opportunity. Read more.

6. Containers: what is their impact on modern business?

What are containers and how is this technology changing how businesses deploy applications? Find here some benefits they can offer to your company. Read more.

7. 5 market trends in Healthcare Software

Explore in this article the main technological trends in healthcare software that have the potential to transform your organization. Read more.

8. Is your organization mature enough for Microservices?

The industry continues moving towards Microservices architecture, meaning a big shift in the organization of companies. Here we tackle the main concerns that you should address to prosper when implementing Microservices. Read more.

9. How software development will boost oil & gas companies

How does software development improve upstream, midstream, and downstream operations for oil & gas companies? Learn here how technological solutions can help companies be more efficient. Read more.

10. The 5 most believed software testing myths

Which are the main misconceptions about software testing? Here we debunk some of the most believed myths when it comes to software testing. Discover them! Read more.

11. What is Angular and why should we consider it?

What is Angular and what are its advantages? Find out here the 8 valid reasons to use this framework. Read more.

12. Market trends in Healthcare Software

Learn what a technology expert in software technologies is and discover several tips to help you pursue this role. Read more.

We hope you enjoyed this recap of our most popular blog posts in 2022! 

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