Corporate Social Responsability at Querubines Children’s Home

Querubines Children’s Home was closed a month ago because of its poor building conditions. People from Hexacta promoted work to collaborate in reopening it.

Querubines is a non-profit civil association with the aim of helping unprotected children. The rights of these children have been violated as reflected in those cases where they are affected, in a direct or indirect manner, by HIV/AIDS, and cases where children are homeless and suffer from abuse and neglect. To date, 40 kids between 7 months and 18 years old live in these homes as brothers and sisters. They receive comprehensive care, including nutrition, education, health care, rest and recreation.

A group of people from Hexacta committed themselves to helping the Children’s Home. On Saturday 27th July, they went to Beccar to collaborate in refurbishing Querubines Children´s Home. They painted patio walls, furniture and railings; remodelled rooms and did plumbing work.

Hexacta’s people are the driving force behind these programs. Staff members volunteer either to be part of the development of the projects fulfilling specific needs of non-profit organizations (NPO) or to be part of the committee in charge of assessing the scope and impact of the different projects. Hexacta understood the importance of managing the business process to produce an overall positive impact on society.


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Hexacta assisted the flood victims in La Plata

In the past week, a great flood affected the city of Buenos Aires and mainly La Plata – capital of Buenos Aires province – where one of Hexacta’s development centers is located. 350,000 people were affected by the storm, 58 was the number of deaths and losses came to U$S 800 million.

Hexacta donated food, cleaning supplies and mattresses, among other elements, for those who were affected by the flood. At the same time, a campaign was organized among employees and the Corporate Social Responsibility team to gather donations for the victims. Everything was delivered on Friday afternoon by a team headed by Diego Vigliarolo, Managing partner of Hexacta, and Cristian López, Hexacta Architecture´s Team leader. The donations were delivered in two of the distribution centers in La Plata and then given to the victims: “La ciudad de los niños” (Children city) and Club Unión Vecinal de Villa Elvira (Neighborhood Union Club from V. Elvira).

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Hexacta collaborated once again with ‘Un Techo para mi País’ NPO

One of the actions carried out as part of Hexacta’s 2012 Corporate Social Responsibility plan was the donation and construction of a house for the “Un Techo para mi País” program. This NPO (nonprofit organization) is strongly committed to assist low-income settlements in Latin America and the Caribbean to overcome poverty by providing them with emergency housing and support in different matters. Hexacta collaborates with this program since 2010.

This year the construction took place in La Chechela, Escobar, in the suburbs of Buenos Aires. The beneficiary was a family of 8 members, 3 daughters, 3 sons, and their parents.

Luis Broeders, head of Hexacta´s Corporate Social Responsibility program, shared some words about his experience: “I had mixed feelings about this experience: on one side I felt sadness when seeing how many children grow up in such living conditions. On the other side, I was proud and satisfied about having contributed with this family. This not only has to do with building the house itself, which even though is better than the one they had before, it’s still very precarious, but also with working with the family to show that hard work and effort can change things. This house is just thebeginning of the assistance “Un Techo para mi País” provides and Hexacta is proud of being part of this.”



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