Technical Excellence

Our reputation is dependent on our work. We understand how business works and we understand technology.

95% of our offshore clients are satisfied with our performance.”

2018 Customer Satisfaction Index Survey

For the past 19 years we have worked with US and European clients in outsourcing projects. We are considered among the most reliable and cost-effective companies in Latin America

During this time we have worked for clients in projects with different levels of complexity. We have gained more knowledge through the years and nowadays we are prepared to successfully face any technological challenge.

Our goal is excellence

We combine the use of state-of-the-art technologies with our work methodology and a mature development process for getting high-quality solutions in the software industry. There are two specialized teams that contribute to this goal:


  • The Hexacta Architecture Team, an experienced pool of architects which supports our development teams to research new technologies, products and frameworks, as well as making revisions and recommendations about architectures for projects.
  • The Methodology and QA Team, a group of professionals with experience in software engineering which provides support to projects to ensure the most adequate practices are used during the development process. These practices are present in different formats for both traditional and agile methodologies.

What we offer

High quality solutions based on multiple aspects of our job, such as work methodology, organizational culture and global vision of the client’s business. See here our Quality Policy

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