Hexacta Architecture Team

The main purpose of the HAT is to provide advisement and solutions to project managers on issues of architecture, design, technologies and frameworks; enhancing services quality and engineers teams productivity. It is our “elite” team.


The HAT working for you

Hexacta's commitment to maintaining continuous improvement of its world-class software development projects is reflected in this experienced pool of architects available at no additional cost for our clients. Among the main benefits they provide we can mention the following:


  • Increase projects productivity: they provide architectural revisions and recommendations.

  • Ensures quality of software development: underlining processes and best practices.

  • Research the latest technologies, products, and frameworks: taking advantages of the expertise of its members and understanding its impact in the company´s operation.

  • Dictate seminars, workshops and short courses training for Hexacta's engineers: they spread the best practices and knowledge to the IT community by writing whitepapers publications, research studies and actively participating in the development communities. They also have their own Blog with technical articles.

  • Control the correct use of definitions in each project.

How it operates

The team is a pool of full-time engineers with a minimum turnover. They conduct research and architectural activities. Every 3 weeks the team organizes a follow up meeting with the rest of the architects of Hexacta to synchronize and generate visibility on specific tasks.

These meetings are also designed to generate feedback on the decisions and tasks implemented, as well as to create a space where technical problems are discussed and solved.

The HAT team dedicates its time to both internal and external tasks.

Internal Focus

Half of its time is focused on architecture tasks like architectural design, prototyping, evaluating and documenting. Also, the team gathers information from others and documents it for internal use. In addition it learns new technologies, different types of architecture and best practices to implement in existing or future projects

External Focus

The other half of the time is dedicated to support specific client based projects, making recommendations and R&D.

The team

Formed by full-time IT experts with a global vision of the business, and lead by one of our “gurus” technical managers.

Typical profiles of a HAT member are people passionate for what they know but even more passionate for what they don´t know. They also have good communication and presentation skills since part of their role is to provide training. It is also expected that members are proactive and self-taught as a way to anticipate future problems.

Most of them have teaching experience in universities and active participation in research academic groups.