"Our main concern is to control the quality of the products developed at Hexacta. We guarantee that every need of the client is fulfilled."
Magalí, Tester.

They are in charge of creating and executing test cases, as well as reporting and tracking bugs until they are completely resolved.

Main responsibilities

  • To understand which are the system’s goals and requirements in order to create the adequate test cases.
  • To alert functional consultants about inconsistencies in the specifications, if needed.
  • To create and execute test cases to detect bugs and report them in the tracking tool, and thus ensure that they continue with their life cycle up to its closure.
  • To use automation tools to facilitate regression tasks.

Knowledge and training

They have concrete experience in software quality processes, knowledge of automation tools and unit tests and great communication and personal relations skills. They should have attention to detail.

They have college majors in Engineering, Systems and related careers.