Third Agile Open Space of the year at Hexacta’s offices

Third Agile Open Space of the year at Hexacta’s offices

Once again, our Project Manager and Scrum Coach, Pablo Pecora, led this meeting where participants from different professional fields took part. This was the third Agile Open Space (and last one) in 2017.

Third Agile Open Space of the year at Hexacta’s offices

A diverse audience recently attended the third, and last, Open Space of 2017 that took place at Hexacta’s headquarters in Buenos Aires. Some of them –from international companies, startups, and software factories– where professionals who work as consultants or as Scrum coaches/instructors, and others participants had no experience with this type of Agile methodologies.

At the reunion, the attendants got the chance to vote on what topics were more relevant to discuss. Among the subjects suggested, these two themes were selected to be analyzed:

  • Agile culture and top management: People discussed the challenges of implementing Agile methodologies in large companies and how to overcome them.

“As some of the professionals were Agile coaches and others had a vast experience working in big or global organizations, we took advantage of that letting them share their vision about this, which was debated from a cultural and professional point of view, focusing on the key points to convince the top management of the benefits of Scrum, as well as the best approaches to start implementing this method effectively”, pointed out Pablo Pecora, PM and Scrum Coach at Hexacta and host of the Open Space.

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  • The benefits of Agile ceremonies: One of the participants that had never worked with Scrum by the book, talked about the overhead that Scrum ceremonies generate and their benefits.

They discussed the cost of undertaking it for the entire team and also detailed how to summarize and optimize these meetings to minimize the overhead.

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The next Agile Open Space in Hexacta’s offices will take place in early 2018. Stay tuned to our social media sites and to!

Open Space: What is it about?

Third Agile Open Space of the year at Hexacta’s offices

The Open Space is a format of conversations and open participation, and its most important advantage involves a truly dynamic generation of an event’s agenda.

While such meetings are typically long in duration, Hexacta’s Open Space meetings are designed to last no more than three hours, where participants work between one to three topics of their interest.

The meeting is designed as a space to share knowledge and experiences around the agile world, focusing on topics such as agile methodologies, project management, teams continuous, organizational change, leadership, and motivation.

Hexacta promotes and provides the place to make these meetings possible. They are free of charge and open to all who are interested.

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