Top UX/UI Design Trends to Watch Out for 2021

Top UX/UI Design Trends to Watch Out for 2021

From voice commands to motion graphics and more. Find out here the latest UX/UI Design Trends to keep an eye on 2021.

With over 1.7 billion active websites, 2.87 million apps for Google Play, and 1.96 million apps for the iOS store, it’s tough to differentiate your business digitally and the competition to grab user attention is also high. Each pixel is important and milliseconds determine whether you can attract your mobile and web visitors or not (no matter if your application is built for your own employees or for external clients).

Many devices and UXUI Designs

The role that UX/UI design has in achieving this is definitely meaningful. According to studies, UX/UI design is the major driver of positive first impressions of users.

Ease of use and visual appeal increase the engagement with your brand, products, services, or the usage of internal production systems. As we mentioned in a previous article, “the ability to find what is behind a technological need is a valuable quality when designing a technical solution”, which is why investing in good UX/UI design services will play an important role in your development’s success and business goals.

To help UX/UI design experts stay on top of things nowadays, we have come up with a list of growing UX/UI design trends that will be dominating in 2021.

1. Voice Commands

You might already have this feature in some tools and apps, but voice commands will be more obvious in 2021. This feature is included and enhanced in the search activity. Moreover, you can see home devices that have a voice command like Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Nest.

According to studies, 50% of searches will be completed without a keyboard or screen by 2021 and 95% of precise voice commands for Google Speech Recognition Technology will be seen in the regions where mostly English is spoken.

This data showcases that voice commands are going to be a big trend in 2021 and will lead the space.

2. Dark Mode

Cellphone in a dark modeLast year, this was one of the hottest UX/UI design trends. Biggies like Android, Apple, and Instagram have applied dark themes to their interface for longer. Maximum users preferred this solution. Thereby, more brands have included a dark theme in their apps and IT solutions. This trend will certainly continue to exist throughout this year.

The dark mode is popular because it:

  • Lowers the strain on people’s eyes.
  • Saves devices’ battery power.
  • Enables you to highlight different design components more clearly.

Most significantly, dark mode is fully a new look for websites and apps. Maximum IT services or solutions contain a light theme. Hence, a sharp move to a dark theme will appear like something fully new.

3. Alluring 3D Design Elements

This trend’s popularity will increase in 2021, thanks to the increased adoption of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies with elements for producing hyper-realistic 3D visuals picking up the entire users’ screen.

This trend helps UX/UI design experts and entrepreneurs not only beautify their application but offer a better user experience while they are running the application. Nowadays users are looking for innovative and creative solutions to make their job easier. These visuals allure users as they surpass the boundaries between real-life and virtual space.

4. Motion Graphics

You may know that visual data is easier to remember and understand than written words. And as your users’ applications are already taking up lots of visual data on social platforms, your brand should get on with it.

Many software programs and graphic design tools are making everything simpler. With such tools, you can inculcate elements of time and space into UX/UI design. In terms of user experience, motion graphics is an added benefit as it:

  • Confirms activities and provides positive or negative hints.
  • Explains the tricky processes easily.
  • Makes transitions fluid.
  • Draws user attention to what will happen next or what should be done.

While there are a plethora of advantages, ensure to not overdo motion graphics. A lot of moving objects might not help your audience do what you wanted them to do. So, make it an attractive experience, instead of distracting.

5. AR-Enabled Mobile Applications

Although AR is not a new addition in the field of mobile design, 2021 is making lots of scopes for innovative AR-powered apps, as the worldwide revenue of consumer AR-powered applications is predicted to double for surpassing $6.2 billion in 2021.

Person using virtual reality on his cellphoneAR is removing the boundaries of UX mobile design by enhancing user experiences with alluring, first-person designs. Since it eradicates all physical boundaries to authentic user engagement, it totally revives the way people communicate with brands. The connectivity of fictional design components to the physical world enables users to engage intensely with services and products instead of only reading about them.

Beyond-real experiences offer huge possibilities for organizations belonging to the media, entertainment, real estate, education, retail, and eCommerce industries that utilize them in services like interactive learning, virtual home staging and enhancements, simulated gaming experiences, virtual try-on, and more.

6. UX Writing and Microcopy

The microcopy concept is not a very new concept within the UX/UI design field although not many have heard or paid attention to it. The first time someone referred to Microcopy was the designer Joshua Porter, who in 2009 wrote: “The Microcopy is a small but powerful copy. It is a short sentence, a phrase, a couple of words. A single word. It is the small text that has the greatest impact.”

He noticed that noting that with only a few adjustments to the text present in an interface, the number of errors decreased significantly, and therefore, conversions and ROI were higher. In this regard, designing interfaces also mean paying attention to the words we use to communicate.

By thinking about great UX writing and microcopies, we can deliver applications that people will use easily and intuitively. Microcopies fulfill the task of accompanying the users’ journey while they use the app. It refers to the names on the menu, button labels, short sentences with instructions, explanations, and error messages among others.

UX writing and microcopies are one of the greatest ways of improving UX/UI design as they give an exclusive tone and helps you precisely handle a brand’s recognition. This type of writing enables a completely separate tone for capturing users’ preferences, which can make a powerful effect and, as a result, give a boost to your productivity, and in the end, your revenues.

7. ID Authentication

Top UXUI Design Trends to Watch Out for 2021 Although facial unlock and fingerprint sensors are not precisely new UX/UI design trends, they will certainly go through an upgrade in 2021 and more.

Mobile apps are the most exposed to hack attacks and data thefts are increasing day by day so that security is a major concern. And for this reason, UI design elements have become important in apps. Application builders are paying heed to facial authentication. So, we can have more unique data encryption tools and biometric locks creating their path into mainstream UI/UX markets in the future.

Regardless of what type of service is being provided or what software product is being sold, ID authentication always helps create trust.

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Bottom Lines

Take into account that users’ apps around the world, for either work or entertainment, are looking for great experiences. They are willing to get things and achieve their goals easier and fast. In order to this, bearing in mind the UX/UI design trends will make the difference between you and your competitors.

Make sure your business gets a reliable software development company that offers you qualified professionals and high standards when working on UX and UI.

We tried our best to find out some of the most recent UX/UI design trends that will rule in 2021. Ensure to adhere to your software development solutions to aforesaid trends to reach out to the million clients out there.

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