UX/UI Designers

“Our goal is to get the best out of the interaction between the user and the application, through the design of neat interfaces, caring of visual as well as usability issues.”
Bárbara, UX - UI Designer

They are in charge of designing user interfaces for the applications developed by the company.

They analyze the functionality the application should have, as well as characteristics intended for final users, in association with functional consultants and the client. Based on this, designers propose the interface design, defining its navigation model, interaction sequences, visual organization of contents, and graphic style.

Main responsibilities

  • To analyze functional requirements and characteristics intended for the users.
  • To define the information architecture and navigation model, taking into account fundamental principles such as Usability and good practices of User-Centered Design (UCD).
  • To generate prototypes for the validation of the proposal throughout the design process.
  • To participate in the implementation of web and desktop interfaces, working along with developers and testers.
  • To document every interface design decision to guarantee its correct application, consistency, and standardization.

Knowledge and training

They are experienced professionals in website design, as well as both web and desktop applications design; they are capable of balancing image and functional requirements; they have strong knowledge of graphic design tools and interface implementation in HTML and CSS.

They have college majors in Graphic Design, Visual Communication, and related careers.