User Experience

It's software capacity to be learned, understood, used and be user friendly under specific conditions.

Usability is the set of sensations, feelings, emotional responses and user satisfaction regarding the interaction with a product or service. It aims to create products that meet specific needs of their end users, achieving greater satisfaction and the best possible user experience with minimal effort.

The UX process includes research, information architecture, interaction design and production among others.

It is important to highlight that, as well as the functional aspect, usability should be considered from right the start of any software development project. Attempting to do so towards the end of the project can have serious consequences, since it involves a large portion, if not all, of the system’s interface design.


  • Learnability: it defines how long a user, who has never seen an interface, can learn to use it well and perform basic operations.
  • Easy to remember how it works: it refers to the ability to recall how to use a system and its features to be able to use it again in the future.
  • Subjective satisfaction: it indicates how satisfied users are after they have used the system, thanks to the ease and simplicity of use of its screens

Areas of expertise

  • Internal Training
  • External Training
  • User testing
  • Heuristic Evaluations
  • Card Sorting



We are very pleased with Hexacta´s performance. Their level of professionalism, technical knowledge and quality of their development teams are remarkable. We can state that we had generated a relationship that we value and allows us to trust them for future developments.

Responsive, business oriented, well-structured and with a good quality at each release, the dedicated Hexacta team has been a good partner to achieve our various goals on this project. Thus, I want to thank everyone in Hexacta who has been involved in this success.

Working with Hexacta has been an incredibly productive experience. Not only did the hexacta team rapidly get up to speed with our challenging requirements, but they also delivered an excellent product, in time, and within budget.