Testing in software development: why is it so necessary?

Testing in software development: why is it so necessary?

Why is testing fundamental in software development and how can businesses benefit from it? Watch our interview with one of our QC Managers at Hexacta and learn more about it.

Many businesses think of testing as an unnecessary addition to software development or underestimate its importance. In pursuit of money savings, they skip the quality assurance part. However, this approach can end up affecting the whole software product.

Software testing is not an expense but an investment to identify the product’s errors and vulnerabilities and ensure its better performance, security, and success.

In this interview with Marcelo Padró, Project and QC Manager of Hexacta, he tells us in more detail the main reasons why testing is essential in every software project and why is beneficial for business. Do not miss this video!

Why is testing important in any development project success? What are the risks involved in poor testing?

Marcelo Padró: “Testing is an essential stage of the software development life cycle that allows the team to early detect big issues and bugs that will affect the overall quality of the software product. It is also important because we can detect the small and hidden details to provide a much better user experience.

On the other hand, a well-designed testing strategy will uncover a larger amount of defects if they are present and in that way, the company will be more confident in the software and be able to assert that the overall level of risk of using the software product has been reduced.

When companies have a poor testing strategy, they may uncover only a few defects and leave the client with a false sense of security. Bad testing can also significantly impact the company’s costs since it is not only a waste of time and effort but also a waste of money.”

Which are the most important benefits a company can take advantage of when hiring testing services for their projects? 

Marcelo Padró: “A company will definitely benefit from testing services because finding bugs as early as possible in the development process is cheaper than fix them once the product has been delivered and customers are already using it. In that sense, testing services increase software quality and reliability of the application while reducing maintenance costs. However, testing is not just about finding defects. It is essential to involve testing from the beginning of the development process to understand what the product must accomplish and what the clients’ expectations are when they use the application.

In short, testing brings client’s trust and boosts customer satisfaction; hence, bringing in more profit to your company.”

Why do you think testing cannot be skipped in software projects? Are companies aware of its importance?

Marcelo Padró: “We believe testing is a fundamental step of software development. Having a full-dedicated team to thinking outside of the box provides a product with much higher quality. Testing adds a new layer of quality to the end-product by ensuring that the application developed not only provides what the client requested but what the client actually needs.”

What best practices software development companies should define for effective testing? 

Marcelo Padró: “Test effectiveness covers three main aspects:

  • How much of the customer’s requirements are satisfied by the software product
  • How well the software product achieves the customer specifications
  • How much effort is being required in the development of the software product

In order to achieve these aspects, a software development company should have a quality policy that follows international development standards and continuous process improvement, such as the International Software Testing Quality Board (ISTQB) that ensures the company has high-qualified testers.”

When should companies invest in testing for their software projects? Is it recommended for all developments?

Marcelo Padró: “We cannot think of any project development without keeping in mind the testing phase. Every software development is error-prone and the negative effects that those errors could cause on the users are usually traduced in company losses. That’s why testing is a fundamental pillar of software development.”

What would you recommend to companies when it comes to hiring testing services? What should they look for?

Marcelo Padró: “We recommend looking for testing services offered by companies with extensive experience and proven success in the market. Look for software companies that provide you testing solutions for any project you might embark upon, no matter its size or complexity. Make sure you can have an expert tester team with experience in multiple types, levels, and strategies of testing that can provide you the best approach, based on the particularities and needs your company is requiring.”

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