We invite you to our Hexacta Data Week 2021

We invite you to our Hexacta Data Week 2021

The second edition of our Hexacta Data Week is rapidly approaching; immerse in the huge world of data participating in this free online event given by our data experts.

HX Data WeekFollowing the success of our Hexacta Summit – Cloud Edition, an online conference we hosted back in July, we are now proud to announce the arrival of Hexacta Data Week, an event that will allow guests to take a deep look into each of the stages of working with data.

From the 1st to the 5th of November, we will be hosting the second edition of the Data Week, which is 100% online and free. This edition features the participation of 10 speakers of Hexacta and is aimed for attendees that are looking to immerse themselves in the huge world of data through research, experiences, and anecdotes.

During this Data Week you will learn about:

  • How to exploit a data model, using libraries for visualization.
  • The automation of data processing, creating dynamic dags.
  • How the testing process is done on Big Data projects through data validation tests, using Python.
  • A research project developing a profiling of the data to later generate a predictive model.

and much more. So, do not miss this great event!

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