Why you should hire Latin American Developers

Why you should hire Latin American Developers

With a steady influx of new, highly trained software developers into the field, Latin America’s tech sector is booming. Take a look at the main benefits of hiring Latin American developers! 

The term “outsourcing” is commonly used to refer to the standard corporate practice of subcontracting specific tasks to an external service provider. Large portions of operations are increasingly being outsourced, especially among some of the largest software companies. Many CTOs and VPs in the tech sector are tapping the pool of talented software developers in Latin America to keep up with the industry’s rapid expansion. As Silicon Valley’s supply of tech talent dwindles, IT hotspots in Latin America are booming.

One of the main reasons for Latin America’s tech boom is the growing focus on software engineering in university education in Altin American countries like Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, and Mexico. As each year brings a new crop of highly skilled software developers from the LATAM region, investors are taking notice. Latin American software professionals have the appropriate profile for outsourcing partnerships because of their hands-on development work, extensive English language immersion, and wide variety of programming talents. At Hexacta, we have more than 800 people working all across Latin America and opening new offices yearly. We recently landed in Perú, consolidating our strong presence in the region.

How Does Outsourcing Help Your Business?

Outsourcing has recently become popular as companies throughout the world seek to cut costs without sacrificing quality. All firms, from new start-ups to multinational conglomerates, can gain a significant competitive advantage. It’s common knowledge that outsourcing reduces expenses and boosts productivity. Still, it also provides other benefits, such as facilitating the acquisition of highly trained personnel and the avoidance of costly capital expenditures. 

The information technology industry is a prominent example of a sector that significantly benefits from outsourcing. Companies seem to be getting used to the practice of moving some of the company’s software development activities outside of the in-house structure and contracting them to a third party. This allows the corporation to cut expenses while maintaining complete control over all operations. It’s also a simple way for a business to guarantee that it is making the most of the technology available (even if the company itself doesn’t own it), expanding its revenue streams, and staying ahead of the competition. 

Businesses that lack local technical talent have found tremendous success through outsourcing software development. CTOs and VPs from the IT sector can construct dynamic teams and take advantage of benefits like quick recruiting, increased flexibility, and access to outstanding talent by collaborating with software developers from different regions, giving them more time to focus on the bigger picture.

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Benefits of Hiring Latin American Developers

Accessing the pool of highly skilled remote developers in Latin America might profoundly affect your company’s growth and success. LATAM countries are ripe for outsourcing since they have produced a record number of graduates in technical fields, many of whom are multilingual and have earned top rankings in developer skills.

Let’s examine why bringing on Latin American developers will help your business succeed.

Latin American Talent Is of The Highest Calibre

Why you should hire Latin American Developers

One of the primary concerns associated with outsourcing is the possibility that decreased prices may significantly affect quality and performance. However, organizations should have no such concerns when recruiting developers from LATAM countries, as Latin American engineers are just as brilliant as their international counterparts.

Moreover, many have received education or training from some of the world’s most prestigious institutions. In addition to possessing top-tier talent, software developers in Latin America are renowned for their excellent workplace satisfaction, which contributes to greater employee retention inside IT businesses. Simply put, LATAM software developers are equipped with everything necessary to fulfill today’s challenging development demands.

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English Language Proficiency 

Another great benefit of recruiting remote software developers from Latin America is that many are already fluent in English. In addition to being a required second language in most Latin American classrooms, English is widely spoken throughout the LATAM region. 

Interestingly enough, after the pandemic, more than 70% of LATAM countries reported higher levels of English proficiency. Among the most outstanding achievers, the 2021 English Proficiency Index (EPI) found that Argentina and Bolivia had risen to the top two spots.

Higher Adaptability Rates due to Updated Regulations

Regulations pertaining to remote employees have been the norm in recent years, especially due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and businesses worldwide have been trying to adapt to new approaches. In order to take advantage of outsourcing opportunities, many countries in LATAM have moved quickly to establish legislation relating to remote employment. This is a major benefit for companies in IT fields where competition and consumer preferences are constantly evolving. Additionally, companies in sectors subject to fast change can benefit significantly from Latin American governments’ track records of swiftly adopting new legislation. 

In Brazil, for instance, the COVID-19 pandemic prompted the government to make unprecedented regulatory efforts to promote flexibility in the country’s laws governing foreign labor and telework. On March 25, 2022, the Brazilian government passed Provisional Measure No. 1,108 and Provisional Measure No. 1,109, which immediately came into effect, amending and improving parts of Brazil’s employment code about remote labor.

Added Bonus of Inclusivity and Cultural Exchange

Why you should hire Latin American Developers

Latin America is a culturally diverse region with a rich heritage. Hiring software developers from Latin America might provide your business with a fresh set of eyes on the organization’s growth and offer new perspectives on improving it.

Also, by recruiting a broad group of people from LATAM to work for your company, you can create a unique, welcoming, and inclusive brand identity that will set you apart from the competition and increase your chances for success.

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The secret to achieving greatness in software development is to assemble a focused, results-oriented engineering team. With a great influx of venture capital into Latin America, it is expected that the LATAM IT industry will expand dramatically over the next few years. Companies looking for reasonably priced, highly skilled engineers that can integrate into their teams effectively will find a good fit in Latin American developers.

Moreover, outsourcing to software developers in this region has become easier than ever, thanks to the effective implementation of remote work regulations, offering businesses access to previously untapped resources. 

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