WorldCup inspired donation campaign by Hexacta

WorldCup inspired donation campaign by Hexacta

With the slogan “The only game where everybody wins!”, Hexacta’s professionals have initiated the money donating campaign according to how donors’ national soccer team does in the Brazil 2014 Soccer World Cup.

WorldCup donation Hexacta

The idea is simple: the person who participates in the game commits to make a money donation according to a certain criteria: for each goal scored, each point gained or each time the selected national team advances to the following stage.

Each user can easily enter the site and enter a minium and maximum amount of money they are willing to donate. If their national´s team performance is not good and the minimum donation is not reached, the user will donate the minimum amount. If, instead, it exceeds the maximum donation amount the user is able to donate, he or she will only donate that certain amount.

The campaign is taking place both in Argentina and in Uruguay, and anyone can participate in it. Each country will donate to a nonprofit organization within their territory: in Argentina, the donations will go towards Los Carasucias, and in Uruguay to ReachingU. The donations will be directly given from the donator to the organization.

Los Carasucias is a foundation initiated by Mónica Carranza in 1990 in the neighborhood of Mataderos, Buenos Aires, where less fortunate children are given a chance to grow in a healthy, caring environment; and hundreds of families of the area are given food. Over 2,500 families and 1,500 children receive food on the daily bases from the foundation.

For its part, ReachingU is a foundation that promotes and gives strength to national initiatives that give educational opportunities to Uruguayan children from low socioeconomic backgrounds to develop to their full potential, taking in consideration that only 1 out of 3 young Uruguayans manage to finish high school.

For more information on the Argentinean campaign, enter For further information on the Uruguayan campaign, enter

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